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Q. Why do my brakes make noise?

A. Are you wondering whether that noise you hear when braking is just an annoyance or is it dangerous?  Squeals, scraping, grinding, squeaking, or vibrating that occurs when you apply your brakes indicate that it’s time to have them inspected. The causes of noisy or vibrating brakes can range from a little moisture or rust to worn out pads. Since worn out brakes can be a safety concern, having them inspected by your Rob’e Mans qualified automotive technician as soon as possible will keep you safe and put your mind at ease.

Q. How often do I need to get my oil changed?

A. The interval that your manufacturer recommends is the best rule to follow in most cases.
For conventional oil changes, 3,000 has been the accepted rule. Newer vehicles and vehicles the use synthetic oil can run up to 5,000 miles between oil changes. The conditions you have been driving in can make a difference if they are extreme. If you have been in the heat, in a lot of stop and go traffic, driving in freezing temperatures, making lots of short trips, driving on rough roads, towing a trailer or a boat—any extra burdens and strain may warrant changing your oil sooner.  

Q.  What does it mean when my check engine light comes on?

A. Today’s modern vehicles are monitored by computerized systems that can warn us if there is a malfunctioning sensor or the engine is misfiring. But first, try tightening your gas cap—sometimes that is all it is.  If the light continues to stay on (or blinks), it will need to be checked out. The vehicle’s diagnostic system can be read by a diagnostic computer or a scan tool.  A check engine light should never be ignored.

Q.  Why and when do I need to rotate my tires? 

A.  Wear tends to occur more rapidly in some areas of your tires than others. Rotating your tires helps to distribute that wear and tear more evenly and extend the longevity of the tires.  Your tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles, or according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. 

warranty note
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Q. Do I have to go to a dealer for service and repairs to keep my warranty in effect?

A. No. You can take your vehicle any place for recommended maintenance services and preserve your warranty.  You must maintain records by keeping all receipts as proof that required services have been done. When repairs are covered by the warranty, however, using the Dealer may be required to keep the repair free of charge under the warranty.

Q.  How did Rob'e Mans get it's name?

My long time friend and business partner, Angelo Roberson went from a rather slim build to a more "robust" size while working at a Honda dealership. His co-workers put robust and Roberson together and gave him the nickname Rob'e Man. When we started our business, we needed a name. Angelo suggested Rob'e Mans and the rest is history.